zari embroidered keychain


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Animal motif key holder with beautiful shining golden thread.

Brilliant and sparkling items made with Indian zari embroidery technique. The puffy animals are lovely and cute.

A key holder that will brighten up your day.

indian zari embroidery

Zari embroidery is a traditional Indian embroidery method.

Zari embroidery is a technique with a long history.
Gold and silver mall threads are sewn by hand, one stitch at a time, with needles like fishhooks.

Molle yarn is a decorative twisted yarn that is made by winding hair or silk thread around the core thread to give it a rough finish.

animal motif

Efficient and simple days are good, but adorable animals remind us of forgotten warmth.

Combined with hand-made embroidery, the colorful animals look sparkling.

If you look closely at the animal's face, it seems that its characteristics are manifested, and that's also fun.

Animal motifs are forever!

keychain size

whale width 12cm 6cm high
snow leopard width 11cm 4.5cm high
goat width 11cm Height 7.5cm
Flamingo Width 8.5cm Height 13cm
giraffe width 8cm Height 16cm
white horse (horse) width 9cm 9cm high
cat Width 6.5cm 9cm high
leopard Width 8.4cm Height 13cm
ring-tailed lemur Width 10cm Height 11cm
rabbit Width 5.5cm Height 11cm
polar bear Width 12cm Height 7cm

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★As this is an overseas product, the fabric may be damaged or slightly dirty. Please note.

★Please keep in mind that the finish will vary from item to item.

★Items other than the key holder are for photography purposes. Please note that it is not included in the package.

Described in the product description column

Traditional Indian Zari embroidery (hand embroidery using mall thread) is applied. Please be careful not to get caught.

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