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Related products

Animals are attracting attention as motifs for fashion items and accessories. In addition, embroidered items evoke an image of adulthood, elegance, and luxury. Even if you are interested in trends, there must be quite a few people who don't like animal prints or items that are too cute.

If it's an item with an animal motif that isn't too sweet and doesn't look like anyone else's, you can keep it trendy and show your individuality. The animal motif embroidered drawstring is an item for those who value their individuality and who want to express their individuality.

I don't want to be the same as other people! Delicate and unique animal motifs

The word "identity" that I want people who are looking for individuality to know. Identity is knowing that you are who you are. For those who know or want to know themselves, we want you to have a purse with embroidered animal motifs.

not too cute but just right

Some people may find the popular characters and flower embroidery too cute and embarrassing.

The tiger (tiger), leopard (leopard), and cat motifs of this purse are exotic and have a design that does not feel uncomfortable even when held by an adult. It's not too cute, but I'm gradually falling in love with it. It feels special to be the only one who is pushing it.

Delicacy that allows you to enjoy each expression

The embroidery on the purse is made by machine. Machine embroidery is made with techniques that are close to handwork, so you can enjoy a different look for each item.

In addition, the delicate motifs drawn with thin thread that can be used because it is machine embroidery are characterized by their fine details. Knowing the story of how things are made will give you more value than just owning the item.

Fluffy tassels become a habit

The drawstring tassels are made from bundles of thin threads, giving them a soft and fluffy feel. It also has a luxurious feel to it, and once you touch it, it's the last thing you'll want to do.

The two tassels that come together when you tie the mouth tightly accent the purse. The chic colors also make you feel good quality, so just holding it makes you feel a little better. Also, when the mouth is closed, the two tassels look like a key, and it seems to lock in your own secret.

Animal variations that are not too cute

Purses with motifs of tigers and leopards, which are rarely seen elsewhere. In addition, the twin cat has an exotic design that reminds you of Egypt.

Tiger walking proudly

tiger drawstring pouch

The tiger is a mysterious animal that has appeared in mythology since ancient times in China. It also appears in Japan as the "West White Tiger" in feng shui. The white tiger protects the western direction where the sun sets. A purse with a motif of a tiger, which has long appeared in mythology and as a guardian deity, makes me feel like it will protect me.

A drawstring bag embroidered with a tiger walking majestically on a 100% cotton warm off-white fabric. The balance of off-white, yellow, black, and white is not too cute and simple. The feeling that even the toenails are well represented is irresistible.

A leopard that is indispensable for fashion items

Leopard print drawstring pouch

If you're looking for a chic and elegant look, go for the pareo print. In Japan, leopard print may have an image of being flashy, but overseas, it has a strong image of being chic and elegant, and high-end brands are constantly releasing pareo print collections.

Leopard patterns are popular for fashion and nail designs, including bags. This purse is embroidered with the leopard itself. The leopard that shines on the black background is very stylish. The point here is that not only the body but also the tip of the nail is drawn delicately.

A twin cat with a mysterious gaze

Twin Cat Drawstring Pouch

The twin cats are symmetrical, drawn back to back, and only their faces are facing this direction. From that line of sight, you can even feel a mysterious atmosphere.

The milk chocolate color drawstring is a subdued shade. The two cats are mocha colored with black patterns and white collars, but if you look closely, they are delicately drawn with pink and light orange threads. The eyes and the whites of the eyes are drawn in two colors, and it is a design that pays attention to detail. It seems that it will be sucked into the twin cat's line of sight.

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Spice up your organizing time by using our special items. Happiness comes from such small things.

Palm size perfect for storing small items

The tiger and leopard drawstrings are 13 cm wide and 16 cm long and have no gusset. A size that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. You can put small items such as smartphone earphones and lips. It's made of thick and sturdy cloth, so it's a good place to put important items.

The powerful tiger and leopard pattern may become a symbol to protect you.

Convenient size for storing bulky items

Many people want to store makeup tools, smartphone chargers, cables, etc. by item. The twin cat motif drawstring is 20cm wide and 23cm long without a gusset, and is slightly larger than the tiger or leopard drawstring. It's the perfect size for storing bulky items.

No one is the same, a special feeling in everyday life

You can enjoy a special feeling just by saying "no one is the same". It's strange that you can feel a little luxurious just by holding a drawstring with animal motifs that are machine embroidered one by one. If you use it as an accessory case that you use every day, you will be healed by the texture of the embroidery and the cute and mature motifs every time you pick it up.