kts(ケイティーズ)の 森林浴みたいな洗濯洗剤

kts laundry detergent like forest bathing

Aug 11, 2022

The scent of pine, inspired by the forests surrounding the lakes of Seattle, makes you feel like you're doing your laundry in the woods.

Wrapped in a gentle scent, the usual laundry seems to be a little more fun.

I love that it doesn't leave a strong scent on my clothes.


Food-derived surfactants are kind to the skin and the earth.

In addition, it thoroughly removes sweat and oil stains, leaving your precious clothes clean and refreshed.

If you also use the fabric softener kts Fabric Softener, it will be soft and fluffy.

This fabric softener also has a coating effect, preventing dust, pollen stains, and static electricity.

How to use kts laundry detergent

You can put it in the washing machine and use it just like your regular laundry detergent.
* Please use according to the instruction manual of the washing machine.

Approximate usage amount

amount of laundry amount of water amount to use
6.0kg 65L 55mL
5.0kg 55L 50 mL
4.0kg 45L 40 mL
2.0kg 30L 25mL

For hand washing

You can also use kts Laundry Basic Detergent for hand washing.

After gently pressing and washing, dehydrate lightly. Change the water twice to rinse, and dehydrate lightly again.

kts original bottle is recommended

It is recommended to use it together with the original glass refill bottle.

This multi-use bottle can be used for kitchen and cleaning by changing the nozzle.

For kts laundry detergent and softener, set the free polar and turn it around twice to make about 40 mL.

original bottle

Fresher deodorant mist

With kts deodorant deodorant #3 Laundry Pre Mist & Fabric Freshener Odor Eliminator for Fabric, you might enjoy a fresher laundry time.

Just spray it on your socks or clothes before washing.

Actually, this is a big success other than washing.

  • Smell of clothes
  • shoe deodorant
  • Deodorize the entire room
  • dolls, etc.

Fragrance-free, deodorant-free, and naturally derived ingredients, so you can use it with confidence.

It can be used in multiple ways, so this is the only deodorant for your home.