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When you work hard. When you are staring at a computer screen for a long time. When I look down at the desk, there are cute white porcelains that tickle my heart. A sweet and gentle color like a macaron.
I feel like I'm a little more excited to go to my desk.

A lovely heart is just right

pink, sky blue and yellow. I chose it because I was attracted to the place where I felt loveliness no matter which color I chose.

Heart-shaped can hesitate to choose when you grow up. But I feel like this white porcelain makes me want to choose.

The soft white porcelain color will tickle your girlish heart, so you will want to pick it up.

with pink and purple flowers

Since it's a big deal, why don't I use this as an opportunity to decorate with flowers?

But yeah. good!
It's the first time I've decorated my desk with flowers, but with just this, my desk looks gorgeous and I feel like I'm surrounded by happiness. The luster and smooth texture of the white porcelain may bring out the beauty of the flowers.

I feel like I've become an elegant person myself, and I'm able to stand taller than usual when I go to work.

What should I do with the next flower to decorate? I've just decorated it, but I'm already thinking about the next flower.

Candles swinging in white porcelain

When I was staring at the shades of white porcelain, I had the idea that it would be nice to put candles in it.

Immediately, put a small candle in the heart and light it slowly.

Just as I expected, the flickering candle flame inside the heart-shaped white porcelain looks like it's dancing. The flickering fire sways in the white porcelain, giving it a slightly romantic feel.

On a tiring night, when I was staring blankly at the flames inside the white porcelain in a dark room, I don't know why, but all my anxieties and worries seemed to disappear. Did the moyamoya disappear with the flame of the candle?

Enjoying candles on a tired night is a new habit. It might have been good to buy white porcelain.

I bought too much, but it's a cute tower when stacked

I realized that this white porcelain has many uses. I bought them in different colors, imagining that they could be used for this and that, so I bought the same color.

For the time being, I thought I'd put things I didn't have a use for yet on the edge of my desk, so I piled them up to create an unexpectedly cute tower.

It's cute when various colors overlap, and it's fashionable to layer the same colors together. Did I buy too much? I thought, but I feel like I've unexpectedly become a perfect desk for the image.

Of course, I plan to use the stacked white porcelain a lot in the future.

Maybe it's the star shape that excites me

I think the star shape is a shape that will make you excited even when you grow up.
In fact, when I pick it up, I feel like my heart is going to bounce.

Even though it's a star, it's slightly rounded, and it's size makes me feel like I can wrap it in the palm of my hand. I'm sure the shape of the stars excites me.

A star shape that excites even adults. While remembering a child's heart, it stands modestly on the desk. I thought I liked that kind of place.

I want to leave it as a "companion" during my hobby time

A star-shaped white porcelain that makes me feel bright. That's right, I think I'll put it next to me as a companion for hobby time. Candies and marshmallows can be put inside. Oh, nuts look good too.

Today is a holiday, so I want to enjoy what I like to the fullest... Drawing on a tablet or knitting for the first time in a long time seems like a good idea.

The mere presence of star-shaped white porcelain on the side gives me some creative inspiration. I'm sure it's because my heart is excited.

I tend to spend my days off sleeping, but just having my favorite item by my side makes me feel like, "It's a waste to sleep!" I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy my holiday.

A day to enjoy creation while picking snacks in cute white porcelain. What a lovely holiday.

Pink white porcelain makes makeup time fun

I thought that the star shape was surprisingly easy to use, so I put makeup products in it. For cheek brushes, eyeliner, and mascara. A lot of make-up goods have plain designs that don't make me feel good, but this white porcelain has a macaron-like color, so make-up suddenly becomes fun.

By the way, I use pink white porcelain. I feel like I can draw out my beauty just by looking at her, and I want to be prettier, so I apply makeup more carefully.

Today is a date with that person I'm interested in, so I put this pale pink blush like white porcelain on my cheeks. Will that person notice me?

Like a jewelry box with accessories

Stars shine in the sky. I thought I'd like to use this white porcelain in a way that sparkles.

That's right, let's put my favorite accessories in it and make it like a jewelry box.
Place a ring or pendant inside the white porcelain, and enjoy the swaying motion of the pierced earrings on the rim. Whether you look inside from above or from the side, you will feel great.

Accessories are kept in a drawer except when I go out, but it might be a good idea to show them.
I hope the accessories are also happy to have more turns.

You can think about how to use it after you receive it

Until now, I've often found a way to use it before I get it. But I don't think that's the case with this white porcelain.

It's much more fun to think about how to use it after actually receiving it.

I was actually planning to use white porcelain as tableware. Once you pick it up, you'll want to use it not only as tableware but also as an accessory case! I thought. I wanted to use it like that, I wanted to put this in, and all kinds of delusions expanded, and I felt such excitement as if curiosity had sprung up for the first time in a long time.

If there are people like me who place importance on whether or not there is a use for it, I want you to pick up this white porcelain without thinking about it.

My favorites that bring excitement to everyday life

These cute white porcelain items bring excitement to our daily lives. The gentle colors are perfect for me, and I feel relieved just by looking at them.

Recently, since I started using white porcelain on my desk, both my work and my time have become more enjoyable.

Actually, I want to use it in various other ways. I'm planning to increase it a little more if I work hard.

Tokime in every day

I feel more excited, and I feel like my life is slowly blooming.
What should I use the next white porcelain for? While thinking about that today, let's do our best just a little more.